The Jazz Band Master Class

/ Nov

The Jazz Band Master Class

1344 U Street NW, Washington DC
Twins Jazz Club
08:00 pm - 12:00 am
Tickets Available - 2 Shows! 7:30PM & 10:30PM

Jazz Band Masterclass

The Region’s Up-and-Coming Jazz Artists Appear at Twins

Jazz lovers will enjoy outstanding performances of several ensembles under the direction of artist/educators: pianist Fred Hughes and saxophonist Jeff Antoniuk. The featured musicians reside in several Mid-Atlantic States and are enrolled in Jazz Band Masterclass program.

These ensembles are part of adult jazz education programs created to help gifted adult musicians get “out of the basement and onto the bandstand.” The musicians performing in this concert have reached a semi-professional level. They are talented, well trained, and ready to groove.

This show will feature many periods and styles of jazz. Listeners will also enjoy some original tunes and inventive new arrangements by up and coming players.

Gifted amateurs and semi-pro musicians are welcome to join one of the many Jazz Band Masterclass groups meeting in The District as well as Annapolis, Maryland.