Cristian Perez

/ Oct

Cristian Perez

1344 U Street, NW Washington DC
Twins Jazz Club
08:00 pm
Tickets Available

Defying all labels, Argentine guitarist/composer Cristian Perez brings together South American music, classical, jazz, and folk styles from around the world, revealing the universality of music with his ardent quintet.
Cristian will present original compositions and arrangements of tunes of different styles with a quintet that can be called a jazz combo, a world music band, a chamber ensemble, or all of the above.

Cristian Perez, guitar
Yana Hristova, flute
Janel Leppin, cello
Daniel Brown, contrabass
Paul Jung, drums
Cellist, vocalist and composer Janel Leppin has a highly developed, captivating and unique musical style; she is truly an innovative artist. Through her intense devotion to craft, Janel fuses high levels of technicality with unbridled creativity, moving beyond the conventions of her instrument to create music which exists in unchartered sonic territory.

Born in Bulgaria, Yana Hristova is an accomplished flutist currently exploring world music. She holds a Master’s degree in flute performance from University of South Florida and two years of doctoral studies from George Mason University. Yana has a private studio in Arlington, VA.

Daniel Brown is a very versatile bassist who is at ease in different settings: from jazz to country, from funk to Klezmer, from Latin to Hebrew, you name it. He is currently working on his Master’s at GMU, and performing throughout the East Coast.

Paul Jung is an drummer from Seoul, Korea, currently living in NoVA. He graduated from Berklee College of Music. His musicianship, attention to detail, and taste make him one of the most sought-after drummers in the DC area.