Arstidir – 8PM & 10PM

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Arstidir – 8PM & 10PM

08:00 pm - 12:00 am

Árstíðir (English: Seasons) is an Icelandic indiefolk band with classical, progressive rock and minimalist elements.[1] Aside from the genre-mix in their music the defining characteristic of this band is that all four members sing.

The band formed in 2008 in Reykjavík as a trio, consisting of Daniel Auðunsson (guitar), Gunnar Már Jakobsson (guitar) and Ragnar Ólafsson (baritone guitar). When they recorded their first album Árstíðir Hallgrímur Jónas Jensson (cello) and Jón Elísson (piano) joined the band. In 2010 the band became a sextet with Karl James Pestka (violin). In the end of 2013 Jón Elísson and Hallgrímur Jónas Jensson left Árstíðir and the remaining quartet rearranged.

Currently Árstíðir is composed of members Karl James Pestka (violin), Gunnar Már Jakobsson (baritone guitar), Daniel Auðunsson (guitar) and Ragnar Ólafsson (piano). At their concerts they are supported by a cellist. Since founding the band they have released three albums, one live EP and two studio albums.[2][3] Árstíðir have always been an independent band. In Iceland they have their own record company and in Germany they have a cooperation contract with Beste Unterhaltung. In 2014 they are recording their third studio album which has been successfully funded via Kickstarter and is supposed to be released in September.[4]

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