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CAROLINE WATERS – Artist, Author, Keynote Speaker

"I suppose it’s no surprise that for someone to become a country’s musical ambassador for international events they’d be an impressive talent, and that’s exactly what one will find with Caroline Waters (who does just that for her native Norway). Her voice has a greater passion, quality and strength than the majority of famed divas (such as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion), as she draws the power of Sheena Easton and the ethereal beauty of Tori Amos and Enya. Waters vivid Nordic fantasy-­‐life is portrayed through an intense beat, expressive use of falsetto a la Kate Bush, and again, fantastic lyrics... a legend in the making."

Metro LA


Norwegian entertainer Caroline Waters is currently showcasing her new musical thriller, Finding Venus. This musical tells the true story of the frightening and amazing healing journey that followed Caroline’s near death accident at age eighteen. Video, sound clips and more info at www.carolinewaters.com/findingvenus.php



Caroline Waters (AKA Caroline Asplin) was practically born on stage. At three, she starred in the legendary Norwegian Christmas musical, Putti Plutti Pott. She toured with the National Theater of Norway at seven and eight, had a musical written for her to star in at nine, hosted her own TV-­‐show at twelve and joined the Norwegian delegation in Switzerland to convince the IOC to let Norway host the Winter Olympics at fourteen. By age sixteen, Caroline had become a seasoned celebrity entertainer with more than 2000 shows to her name. She often performed as a duo with her father, Per Asplin, who was commonly described as a Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye and Nat King Cole-­‐in-­‐one.


At eighteen, Caroline’s career came to an abrupt halt, as she was involved in a serious car accident that left her with a crushed leg, brain damage and amnesia. At nineteen, against all odds, overcoming PTSD and missing memory, Caroline performed for more than half a million people at the Pier in New York in conjunction with the centennial celebration of the Statue of Liberty. This performance was also broadcast to four hundred million people worldwide.


Caroline’s life was turned upside down once again when her best friend, Stefanie Stroh, disappeared without a trace in the Nevada Desert. Ironically, the intensity of the search for Stefanie was instrumental in bringing Caroline back to a sense of self and purpose. Three years later, Caroline graduated with honors from the Grove School of Music in LA, founded Redhead Records and released her first CD, Compassion, in memory of Stefanie. Eight CDs, two musical comedies and one musical thriller has been written, performed and produced by Caroline so far.


In addition to her artist career, Caroline is also passionately engaged in teaching Vocal Freedom Camp, a seminar she initially designed to help people heal from PTSD. Today Vocal Freedom Camp is a powerful transformative experience for all who wish to free their expression. More info, video, sound clips and CDs at www.carolinewaters.com



Exposed is an acoustic solo recording of Caroline’s most requested live- songs. This collection also includes some of her favorite songs written by Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, George & Ira Gershwin and Jennifer Warnes. Caroline Waters – vocals/ guitar.


Being Totally Alive is a lush bouquet of tender songs and tantalizing interludes, designed to inspire our hearts to sing with reckless abandon, to empower the child within and to embrace the magic and beauty of relationship. Caroline Waters -­‐ vocals/ piano, Carter Dewberry – cello, Katisse Buckingham – sax/ flute, Abe Laboriel – bass.

Venus Envy is co-­‐produced with Greg Mathieson and recorded in Los Angeles with a thirty piece orchestra, including Abe Laboriel on bass, Michael Landau on guitar and Katisse Buckingham on saxes and flute. Smooth jazz with a trip-­‐hop flavor. The album’s title cut can also be found on a compilation CD with Dianna Krall, Norah Jones and Natalie Cole.

You’re Just Tool Cool is a comedic dance single with Caroline’s alter ego, Me Jane, originally created for the annual Caroline Waters Party at Cosmopolite in Oslo. The single is featured in the video, Me Jane Goes to Hollywood, where she investigates the death of Marilyn Monroe. Caroline Waters – vocals, Tom Erik Ingvaldsen – synth programming/ keys.

Talk With Eve is a live recording from Cosmopolite in Oslo with Caroline Waters on vocals/ guitar, Deb Girnius on vocals/ guitar, Unni Damslora on vocals/ percussion and Ole Marius Melhus on bass.

“Original, melodic and danceable adult pop with powerful lyrics.” Aftenposten ( Norway’s largest newspaper)

Compassion is Caroline’s first solo album and was recorded in Los Angeles with Caroline Waters on vocals/ guitar/ keys/ violin/ percussion, Abe Laboriel on bass/ guitar, Katisse Buckingham on sax and Kurt Wortman on drums. Smooth jazz with a Brazilian flavor.

“An incredibly beautiful voice with a remarkable register. Hats off!” VG

Caroline Waters Artist Profile 2012

Notable Quotes:

“Caroline Waters has the kind of deeply resounding voice that lets out a smooth and sultry blend of jazz and R&B. Seasoned with sensual lyric and forays into chamber pop, the fiery singer and multi-­‐instrumentalist leaves little room to question why she was Norway's youngest musical ambassador before even reaching the age of 10.”

MW, Good Times Santa Cruz

"Caroline Waters is an immensely gifted pianist, guitarist and vocalist. Her stylings combine the quintessential balance between Norah Jones and Ella Fitzgerald. Her beautiful sound and complexity of chords harkens back to a time when musical excellence was in its prime. She is a reminder of what was and what can be, once again, with a return to the center of making real music paramount in importance". Jon Dowling, LIFE

“Caroline has a voice that has the power to move the listener. The beauty of texture and phrase displayed by Caroline is a vocal phenomenon. In the array of musical talents, like a new word, Caroline Waters is like a fresh seed planted on the ground of the discussion.”

African American Image Press

“I can without a doubt say that Caroline Waters has one of the greatest vocal potentials I have ever heard coming out of Europe. She is a real contemporary artist, far superior to the stars out there today.” Seth Riggs

“I was immediately impressed with the sound of her voice -­‐ the interpretation of song and her extraordinary gift of vocal ability and musicianship. She is an exceptional artist who is a true musical gift and contribution to the arts of our country.” Sue Raney

“I would place her in the foremost rank among the singers of the world with a voice and talent comparable to those of pop stars Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, and classical performer Maria Callas. Her performing versatility is truly amazing.” Ian Adam

"The beauty of her voice, the rich ensemble arrangements, and her lyricism weave a dream-­‐ catcher hammock which rocks and cradles me between childhood and the compassionate nurture of my adult recovery." Caryn Stardancer, Survivorship

"With professionally produced original grooves and street-­‐wise beats laying the foundation for her socially conscious and deeply introspective lyrical style, it seems Caroline has found a way to connect with anyone and everyone... Moving from hip-­‐hop to Latin jazz and even to a violin solo inn the midst of a bouncy R&B number, Caroline Waters is a talented multi-­‐ faceted artist not to be overlooked." LA Splash Magazine